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Miele WMB 125 WPS 1600 Performance - cannot adjust Soiling?

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I have a Miele WMB 125 WPS 1600 Performance washing machine.

There should be, according to the manual, a possibility to adjust 'Degree of Soiling' before starting a program using the sensor "buttons". The same two sensor buttons used to adjust the temperature of the program. 

These are not activated (do not light up) and pressing on them does nothing when I have selected e.g. Baumwolle (cotton). Is it possible that my washing machine needs another software/firmware to allow for these to be changed?

On the case it is written "Eistellungen" meaning options. But I cannot get to them.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello. Usually if an option button is not available it is not relevant for t he specific wash cycle you are using. I can't imagine it needs anything updating to allow it to work. Have you checked to see if it works on every single wash cycle?

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