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Whirlpool wtw4816fw put in - looks like missing screws - pictures

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We got a new washer but they hesitated to install it because it looked like the whole inside was not screwed in. But then came out the next time and installed it, and it worked fine. But still the insides are not screwed in. Is this normal?  We would like to know within our 30 day initial warranty time if we should have them come back out.

2018-04-17 07.55.38.jpg

2018-04-17 07.55.46.jpg

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It’s hard to tell from the photos but everything should normally be sealed. The only thing loose is the tub on the suspension springs. 

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hi, It couldnt be the screw holes on the outer drum plastic brackets where the Transit Bolts (to stop the drum from moving during transit/delivery) would have been could it? - thats what it looks like to me from the pictures. 

EDIT: just thought of something else that could have connected to these holes on the drum brackets - springs , to hold the drum up whilst its supported on its shock absorber struts - again, totally normal to see them without the springs attached to them because there are normally more brackets the springs could be attached to (normally middle drum brackets) 

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19 hours ago, woolhevey said:

So that would just be during delivery?  I didn't see the servicemen take anything out of the unit when unpacking it.  Thanks for your reply.


Oh, so there can be more places for springs, okay thanks. 

When you have your washing machine delivered new , they should take off all the clear plastic film covering the machine, then remove big blocks of white polystyrene and then with a spanner or socket set undo (normally 4) very long silver 'bolts' from the back of the washing machine - what these do is stop the drum from bouncing around when they are moving the washing machine on a sack barrow or hydraulic lift and also to stop the drum from moving when they have it in the back of the delivery van. If they didnt have these transit bolts in to stop the drum from moving around, if the drum did move excessively in transit it could put strain on the wires from the motor and other wires attached to the drum and also could split or pull out the rubber hoses from the soap drawer to the drum, or hoses at the bottom of the machine that leads from the bottom of the drum tub to the drain pump.  


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