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No Instruction Manual For Hoover Softwave 1100

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Hello, can anyone help me? I have recently inherited a washing machine when moving into a new flat and not only is there no user manual but pretty much all the writing is missing from the front of the machine. I have no idea what the various buttons do. I've risked a couple of washes but things are shrinking - obviously on a hot setting. Does anyone have a manual? Can someone send me a picture of the buttons complete with writing? Or am I destined to wear small clothes for the rest of my stay here? Thanks for reading.

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Hello, there is information on how to obtain user instruction books here - How to download or obtain a washing machine instruction book

You don't say which model you have, "New Wave" is just the name of a range of washing machines ( Where to find the proper model number and serial number on a washing machine ) However, a good rule of thumb is that the higher the letter or number on a washing machine program, the cooler the wash. On old Hoover washing machines, the first program ("1" or "A") was usually a pre wash. The next, ("2" or "b") would be either whites with a pre wash or just whites. The next would be either whites without prewash, or a 60 degree wash. Then the 40 degree washes and then woolens and special treatments followed by rinses and final spin. A good idea would be to work backwards until you find the wash that washes correctly at the right temperature.

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I used to own a Softwave, and from what I can remember the programs for the Cottons wash are as follows -

1) Prewash (the machine then stops and you select a main wash)

2) Whites (95)

3) Colourfast Cottons (60)

4) Non-colourfast cottons (40)

5) Rinses

6) Conditioner Rinse

7) Spin *max spin depending what model you have*

'fraid I can't remember the synthetics programs.

The Buttons if I remember rightly are as follows - Half Load/Wool/On Off

You select the Wool Button on the "Fast Wash" cycle, which I think was #10 or 11, to make the wash action gentler.

Until you can get a set of instructions, I would stick to program #4. As Washerhelp said, the cycles run it pretty much the same order on most washing machines. If you count the digits on the program dial, there should be a full stop between #1 and #2 This means your machine does have a seperate pre-wash. If the rest of the digits then go from #2 - #7, then #4 is your 40c cotton cycle.

Hope this helps! You could try Ebay for instruction manuals.


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