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hello there - yes i feel your pain. There doesnt even seem to be any 'quick wash 1hr' feature on this machine from what I can see. 
Have found the manual for your machine here:

I wonder if you could try this set programme 2 (60c) or Programme 3  (40c wash) then if you are around the machine at around 30 minutes  try to cancel the wash (maybe a long press on the 'start/pause button'  or long press on the 'on/off' button - then turn the dial to 'rinse' then let it carry on with the wash - if all goes well that should get you around 1hr duration for wash/rinse/spin - but bear in mind it will have to be lightly soiled clothes only, not really dirty or stained, and only half fill the drum to 3.5kg of clothes rather than full drum of 6kg.  - and because you reduce the 60c to just 30minutes you might find the heater will not reach 60c temperature in the 30 minutes but its worth a try ..... come to think of it, it might actually because your only filling half the drum so that means it will take in less water and less water in the drum means quicker to heat the water - so you might be OK. 

on our Hotpoint washing machine on a 1hr quick wash 60c it washes for around 30mins and around the 28mins mark it empties then goes into rinse and then spin and its all done in just around an hour and the items come out clean.

Its the only way I can think of a 'get by solution' if it works. if you stop the cycle at 30mins and turn off the machine and then change the dial to the rinse cycle and then turn the machine back on I am predicting (might be wrong but you could try it) that it will empty the drum then go onto the rinse cycle and then dry and then this will take another 36mins this rinse cycle will. 

When you 'stop/cancel' the machine - dont just pull out the plug from the wall socket and put it back in because the machine might think there has been a power cut and just carry on doing a full wash cycle at a long time - so to actually cancel the was (well on later indesit and hotpoint machines) you had to long press of the start/pause button or long press on the 'on/off' button to actually 'cancel' the wash. 

Hope this works for you as a work around even if it isnt ideal. 


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5 hours ago, integral said:

In my experience most quick washes are a waste of time. They sound good but they simply don't work unless what you're washing simply needs a good hot rinse

i find no problem with our hotpoint 1hr 60c wash and 45min 40c wash to be honest if the clothes arent heavily soiled . even if they have some stains a quick rub with something like vanish before putting in the machine and the quick wash is grand. our machine have long fancy programs for towels ... but i put towels on 60c 1hr and they are fine. really the only times we use the other programmes than quick wash is for some delicates and wool and some handwash stuff. every other thing gets a quick wash

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