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Miele W3985 Spin Speed Settings

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I have a Miele W3985 and I'm puzzled by the spin settings. On the "separate rinse" programme, the spin is limited to 1200, although on a regular wash it can be put up to 1800. If i run this I usually then have to run a separate "drain+spin" programme manually to get the faster spin.

Why this restriction? Is there any way to change the config to remove the restriction?

Many thanks.

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On the face of it there doesn't seem to be a logical reason why the washing machine is programmed like this. I don't think it's possible to change it. The only thing I can think of is that separate rinse program is designed to be (and expected to be) used for hand washed items. Items that would be hand washed and then put into the washing machine to rinse and spin are very unlikely to need spinning at full speed. The fastest spins are only supposed to be used on cotton items such as towels, sheets etc. People are highly unlikely to be hand washing these items. However, it doesn't entirely make sense because you can select the full spin speed on the drain and spin program, which also might be used for hand washed laundry. Also, I don't see how restricting the fastest spin on the rinse and spin cycle is necessary but that's what they have decided to do unfortunately. It is possible they may be concerned about hand washed items not being a full load and prone to getting out of balance, but they have a built-in out of balance detection system that would restrict the spin speed or even refuse to spin any on balance load so again, the restriction seems unnecessary.



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I have the same issues and this is why my search has lead me here. I wonder if emailing Miele direct would throw any light on the issue. I previously had a Siemens which annoyingly beeped at the end of the wash and I found a link that showed me how to reset it without it bleeping so maybe the Miele can be reprogrammed too.

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