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Hello Andy, I couldnt find a section on discussing Tumble driers on your site but i wondered if you had any suggestions. I have a Condenser dryer in a utility room , and even though I put comfort fabric conditioner in the rinse cycle of the washing machine when I tumble dry the room instead of smelling nicely of fabric conditioner , instead after a while of the tumble dryer being on the room is hot, humid, heavily condensated and doesnt smell of nice fabric conditioner as you think it would but of damp clothes (is the only way i can describe it)  - There is a window in the utility room and I do have that open as I have the tumble drier on but most of the time it seems to have no effect, it still gets so humid and condensated in there. I suppose its because its a condenser dryer and not vented out of the wall. My question is have you any ideas for cutting down further on the humidity/condensation apart from putting a 6" extractor fan in the room (which I cannot do) and also something about the smell of the clothes as they are drying from a 'damp clothes' drying smell to a nice laundry/fabric smelling smell (apart from using tumble drier sheets which i am totally against)  - any other Ideas have you got. I might not of just heard of?

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Hello Andy. Sorry for late reply on some of these. I've wondered whether ought to add other appliances to my forums but I sometimes have a job keeping up with just the washing machine ones. I have an article you might find interesting called Save on fabric softener when tumble drying

I have my condenser dryer in the garage and I found that combined with my washing machine, spare fridge and 2 fridge freezers I was getting a lot of condensation and many items stored there were getting damp. I had an extractor fan fitted. It was supposed to ideally switch on and off when required but I found that no matter how low I set it the fan always ran so we turn it on manually when drying. Leaving the window open is essential but I'd leave the door to the utility room open too otherwise air cannot circulate. But if not enough then an extractor fan might be needed. 

Condenser dryers shouldn't really leak much moist air into the room but some models do and some cheaper brands. The problem could be related to or made worse if the dryer isn't sealed well and is leaking hot moist air into the room. Make sure you clean all filters after every use and empty the drawer. I would highly recommend getting the instruction book out and reading it all over a few days. My dryer instruction book is over 70 pages long and contains a lot of vital information and do's and don'ts that you may well have not picked up on or long since forgotten.

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