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Indesit IWDC6143 Machine Not Turning on

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I've read through the guide pinned at the top and posts from some other people who seem to be having similar problems, but so far no luck.

We had a very unnerving experience plugging in a very old stove yesterday, which promptly proceeded to explode (in, admittedly, spectacular fashion). The salient bit is that we turned off all the switches in the fuse box, and our Indesit IWDC was mid-wash at the time. Everything else has gone back to soldiering on, but the washer dryer is not just totally dead. No lights, no nothing. The outlet it's plugged into works fine (we plugged in a lamp to check), and the fuse in the washer dryer plug is fine (we replaced it to be sure). We even tried draining it in desperation, but this doesn't seem to have helped. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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You've checked the basics. If the washer dryer was running OK until the electrical incident, and the fuse in the plug and the socket are OK, then the surge caused by the stove shorting out might have damaged something in the main pcb of the washing machine. If it's totally dead with no lights and the wall socket and fuse are OK the first thing to check is normally is the on off switch on the washer. I wouldn't have expected a surge to damage the on off switch. After the on off switch is activated power goes down to the main pcb and from there on to everything else which is why it's a main suspect. I wouldn't try replacing it though.  

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