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Washing Machine With Right Hand Door Opening

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I need a new washer and my choice is between the W1714 and the W3240. However, like the previous poster, my washer location is in a purpose built cupboard in the right hand corner of the room. I estimate that the door of the W1714 will open to 90 degrees from the shut position (a 44cm diameter door positioned 6 cm in from edge) and the W3240 should open to around 110 degrees from shut ( a 39.5 cm door, 9 cm in from edge).

Does anyone have experience of a Miele up against a right hand wall (!!!! :lol: ) and will the fact that the door cannot open beyond 90 to 110 degrees be a problem?


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For years, most washing machine doors didn't open all the way back like they do now and some did only open to around that extent anyway. Clearly the further back one opens the easier it is to load and unload but I would expect 110 degrees should be manageable. The door glass will restrict access a little though. If it's very tight, I would go to a showroom and open a Miele door to the extent you think you'll be able to open yours to see how it looks.

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