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indesit iwc81481 Eco washing machine 8kg 1400 spin not so eco

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When buying this a year ago we was assured it was ECO friendly, on the electric side it is not so bad but wow it takes in some water, our bill rocketed after starting to use the washing machine. Also not that user friendly it is like trying to crack the Da Vinci code always coming out to wet/damp or the machine runs for 2 and a half hours, which can not be that ECO! but for a budget washing machine in general it is not that bad!! :)

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Was it a new washing machine? Modern washing machines use very little water compared with older ones. Make sure it isn't siphoning due to an incorrectly fitted drain hose. If it seems to be filling up a lot, then stopping, then filling, then stopping then filling and so on water could be siphoning out down the drain and this could greatly increase the amount of water used plus wash times. It probably isn't but it might be worth looking into it, just in case check this article here which explains the problem in detail - Washing machine fills and drains at same time (siphoning)


Also, regarding long wash times, this article explains why more economical washing machines or wash cycles take longer - Why do economy programs or options take much longer?

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