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Cotton Vs Synthetic Wash Cycles: Lg Washing Machines

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I'm currently renting a property with an LG washing machine. I've never used an LG machine before and am keen to know if it is ok to wash cotton items on the synthetic cycle. The cotton wash is over 2 hrs and the cycle seems to spin the clothes very vigorously so I have been washing cotton items on the synthetic cycle which is only 1 hour 15 mins and is much gentler with the clothes. I'm aware that you can't load the machine with as many items on the synthetic wash but is it ok to wash cotton items on a synthetic cycle? Does this cycle still wash cotton clothes (which generally don't have heavy dirt) as well? Or is it still better to use a cotton cycle perhaps with a gentler spin speed? My previous washing machines have never had a cotton cycle which lasts this long. (This washing machine model is an LG WD-14316RD). Thanks

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All modern washing machines take a long time to wash, which is a constant source of frustration for people. Unfortunately, many people are very time poor and circumvent the long wash times by using inappropriate wash cycles, which take less time but do not wash as thoroughly. This can result in a build up of grease and grime and even black mould inside the machine shortening its life.

The synthetics wash does everything wrong for cottons, the water levels, how much the drum revolves and even how firmly it turns the drum to "wash" the laundry, rinse levels and spin speeds are all not good enough to properly wash cottons.

You should try to use the proper cottons wash ideally. For most people the faster the spin the better for cottons, but 1200 - 1400 is plenty fast enough. If you can manually alter the final spin speed try dropping it down to around those speeds. If laundry isn't too dirty also try option buttons which may reduce the time but beware of eco option buttons which can actually increase wash times.

For an understanding of why they take so long read my article here - why does washing machine take so long to wash?

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