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Hey folks. First time poster here. We have the above machine and have had it for about 18 months 2 years now, but it has had a horrible black deposit on all the internals of the machine including the soap drawer and chute running down the pipe into the machine for quite some time. It has also left a black sludge on the inside of the door seal. Not only does the inside of the machine smell but it has transferred the smell to the clothes, so they are left with a foisty smell once they are dry. The smell is very pungent and it is horrible as it obviously follows you around everywhere. I have bought Hoovers own brand machine cleaner, but that doesn't seem to work. Yesterday I resorted to putting a load of bicarbonate of soda in the drum itself and sqirted some bleach into the soap drawer and ran it on a 90 degree wash, but empty.

We do live in a good water area (no limescale), but I don't know where this biofilm is coming from. We keep and use our machine in a utility cupboard, but all the plumbing is routed out of the cupboard and down the drain.

We did have an Indesit machine a few years ago and that had the same problem and we threw it out after a year. Quite clearly there is a problem, but I am at a loss as to what it is. We are at our wits end as the machine and our clothes are tainted with this awful smell.

Can anybody shed any light as to the problem?

Thanks alot


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