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Did Whirlpool Correct Spider Problem?

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New to the forum. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Spider disintigrated on my 12 year old duet, Expect more time than that from an appliance. Are the new Duets any better? If not, is there another brand that uses real metal for the spider material?

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12 years is considered very long these days. It's a shame, but anything over seven years now is good going. I'm sure the quality may vary, but as far as I know all drum spiders are made of alloy, mostly aluminium I think. They have always been subject to rotting away as the detergent, as well as a build up of grease and grime, tends to attack it. I've seen many cases where they have cracked or rotted away after just several years. A lot will depend on the water hardness, the type of detergent used, the quantity, and the type of laundry washed i.e. normal soiling or heavily soiled with grease and oil etc. In all honesty 12 years is not anything to complain about. It's highly unlikely that any new machine will last that long unless you invest in something like a Miele.

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