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Miele Wt2780 Washer/dryer Rinse Out Fluff - Mandatory

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Just discovered this forum (looks good) and am passing on some 'advice' from a Miele engineer

He was here to fix (actually, condemn...) a 2.5 yr old Miele fridge/freezer. Not a very helpful or knowledgeable guy IMHO, but whilst on the phone to his boss (to get a diagnosis on the FF) he pointed to our shiny new WT2780, saying "you know that if you don't use the Rinse Out Fluff feature, these break down?" (accompanied by a smirk - the inference being that I was a berk for paying over the odds for an unreliable machine).

He seemed to be saying that the fluff blocks some inside gubbins or something, but as I was keen to get him out of the house as soon as possible, I did not engage in further discussions.

Anyways, paid out for a 10 year warranty the next day, and now always use the ROF feature. So far machine has been fine - though it left me wondering why our previous w/d - a fairly cheap Zanussi, again with condenser drying - did not have any ROF feature... and never broke down in 10 years.

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