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Bad Experience With Ise

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Our experience with ISE has been poor; our machine (the W256W) developed an intermittent leak from the dispenser drawer which the engineers could not fix despite replacing parts and making multiple visits.

When we took it up with ISE they suggested that it was essentially our fault - we were using the wrong powder and conditioner, the water pressure was too high etc.,. and they refused to accept that the machine was at fault. We dutifully followed all of their suggestions but without success - the machine still leaked.

We've now been given a partial refund and ISE have taken the machine away. We believe we should be given a full refund - we've used the machine exactly as per the instructions but we're so sick of it we're pleased to get rid of it, despite it effectively costing us £200 to 'rent' it from ISE for a year.

We've had an email back from the managing director of ISE, Mr Kenneth Watt, who now claims that we overloaded the machine and that caused the leak - he was apparently able to deduce this from photos we took and emailed. As luck would have it we knew exactly what was in the machine when the pictures were taken and know that the load was only 2.3kg - well below the 8kg capacity. I've pointed this out and made some further observations about the testing we did in our own time and at our own expense that I believe prove overloading was not the issue. But whatever we say or do, it seems that ISE will never accept the machine is faulty.

To anyone considering buying ISE, I'd suggest that supposed technical excellence and theoretical long life can be outweighed by persistent problems and poor customer service - which is our experience.

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