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At sometime in the next 6 months I'll probably be looking to but a washer dryer. The budget doesn't stretch to a Miele so thinking of something around the £500 mark.

As per advice, I ventured into the local independant store, expecting to be shown a selection of machines such as Bosch, LG, Ise etc.

I was surprised that the guy recommended a Daewoo machine above all the other better known brands in the shop as being best value for money. He said that the build quality was better than other machines of a similar price and they'd experienced no problems.

I only checked the machine over quicky; a 9kg direct drive affair and it certainly seemed well made. Door hinge was made of cast metal, substantial metal door catch, all the plastic bits seemed robust etc, but I obviously didn't get to look at the 'innards'. The implication was that it was based on the LG set up, whether or not that means it uses genuine LG parts or parts of a similar design I don't know.

Price was good, £500 with a 2 year warranty.

Does anyone have experience of Daewoo machines? What are they like?

Edit: I *think* it was a DWCLD1421W machine. I should also add it's A rated for wash and dry cycles.

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Buying from my affiliate links supports this forum :) 

Personally I'm not too keen on the relatively new brands of washing machine as they tend to have less established aftersales service and spare parts and technical service tend to be more difficult to get, sometimes a lot more. I can't imagine them being better quality than say AEG or Siemens but if anyone would like to enlighten me about why we should choose brands like this over ones that have been selling in the UK for many decades I'd be interested in what they had to say.

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Well, pretty much my thoughts.

However, an equvalent AEG or Siemens washer dryer would presumably be nearer the £700 mark?

I can understand how the likes of Daewoo *could* build an equally good machine for less money as they'd have a cheaper source of labour. However, have they chosen to do so in this case or have the cut corners? The bits i can see from the outside look well made but does this follow through to the innards. Perhaps they have been clever, posh outside, cheap innards to fool the likes of me? I dunno.

Spares, as you say could be an issue. Does Daewoo use LG parts? It's certainly a possibility as both are Korean firms and the design of the two brands is somewhat similar.

If anyone has any experience let me know!

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I have seen the Daewoo machine for £425 delivered, so considerably less than the AEG. (I'm tending away from Bosch having seen some of their low end offerings recently).

Do you think if I went into the Independent store and asked them to whip the back off the display machine, they'd oblige?

The spec is as below. I'm not really interested in spin speed, to be honest. It's A rated on wash and dry which is important to us. Biggish load capacity, too.


9kg load; 7kg dry load Direct Drive Washer Dryer

Spin Speed: 1400rpm

Energy Efficiency: A

Wash Efficiency: A

Direct drive; LED display)

Half Load: Yes

Quick Wash: Yes

Hand Wash: Yes

Wool Wash: Yes

Delicate Wash: Yes

Pre-Wash: Yes

Delay Timer: Yes

Time Remaining Indicator: Yes

Time Saver Feature: Yes

Special Feature: Electronic Programme Selector, Direct Drive

Fill Type: Cold Fill

2 year warranty

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I can't see a £425 washer dryer with a massive 9Kg drum being better made than AEG or even Bosh, that price for that spec is very cheap. If it's a local independent they may oblige. If they will be doing the servicing after then it may be a plus point if you trust them.

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