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Washing Machine Depth 550Mm

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Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help with my query....

... I've got a depth of 550mm for washing machine space and nearly just ordered one at 640mm depth.

This would have stopped one of the draws from opening up so I thought I'd get some advice....

- is depth measured at the top of the washing maching or is it the furthest point at the back to the furthest point at the front (the door)?

- I've measured 550mm from the pipe fitting in the kitchen to the hinge point of the draws, are these the correct measuring points?

- what is the maximum depth I can get in the space I have specified

- Whats the best washing machine that fits the 550mm depth?

The dilema I have is all my appliances are currently black and therefore I'm limited to getting black washing machine. Also all the best branded ones have a depth of 600mm+. I wanted the LG F1480TD6 Direct Drive 8kg, however I think 640mm will be pushing it.

Any advice will be welcomed.

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Most washing machines have overhanging lids at the back these days so the depth of the lid should represent how much space the washer will take up but if space is critical I would recommend visiting a showroom with a tape measure to make sure.

Almost all washing machines are at least 600 mm deep now so they will likely stick out. It's due to the larger capacity drums. It may be that if 600 mm is definitely too deep you may need to buy one with a smaller drum capacity.

Check out this comparison link for washing machines with smaller than average drum capacities which allows you to filter by drum size where you can then check the size specifications. You may find a 7Kg drum capacity with less than 600 mm depth but if not you'll need to look at 6Kg and below. If you do, make sure you understand all the other measurements and the drum capacity. For example at least one of them has a very small capacity of only around 3.5 kg and another has a depth of only 44 cm (440 mm) but has a very small 4.5Kg wash capacity which is about the same as a washing machine from the 70s. Bosch WLX24164GB

Compare washing machines - filter by depth or width

Personally I would never buy coloured appliances for the reason you highlight. Colours go in and out of fashion constantly, I remember when it was green (yuk), but when you commit to matching colours you are stuck with them and your choices when it comes to replacing them are extremely limiting. Often it's impossible to even buy one of a particular colour because everyone's stopped making them. Fortunately white never goes out of fashion and probably would still look ok next to a black one.

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