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Which Integrated Washing Machine To Buy?

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We currently have a Bosch integrated washer dryer, its about 6 years old.

It has a lot of features on it, it was quite expensive (about 800 i think) and we've had nothing but problems.

Mostly from getting clogged up with powder, but we've had a variety of issues, pump broken a few times and now its clogged up again but we cant open the pump so we cant clean it out and we're sick of it now really. So we're going to buy a new machine.

We dont use the dryer function that much really so we're wondering if we just get a washing machine we'll have less problems?

I'm also going to stop using powder and use liquid in the new machine.

We've looked at Which and some John Lewis and other reviews and it looks like these are the short list of washers and washer and dryers, I use the delay timer function a lot so that rules out some of the cheaper ones.

Bosch WIS28440GB Logixx

AEG L61470BI

Siemens WI14S440GB Integrated

AEG L61470WDBI Integrated Washer Dryer

Bosch WKD28350GB Integrated Washer Dryer

Siemens WK14D320GB Integrated Washer Dryer

Have you got any recommendations or alternatives? How about Zanussi?

We will probably order from John Lewis to get the two year guarantee and there is one near to us.

I am feeling very nervous about getting another Bosch despite mostly good reviews although you can see on Which a lot of people have had similar issues!, and I'm guessing the Siemens is using most of the same parts as Bosch, but I've seen on a previous post here that AEG now uses a sealed drum so not recommended anymore?

So now I've no idea what to get?! Help!?



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Hi Laura, We bought a Zanussi integrated Washer/drier built-in machine just over 12 months ago. It washes fine, but not very good for drying (it takes quite a long time). Apart from the disappointment of the drying cycle, the machine performs well for a middle to upper priced Washer/drier.

When we were choosing our wash machine we were limited because we required a built-in machine. If you are looking for a free standing (non built-in machine), your choices will be greater. I have heard that LG are very good, but as I said earlier, we bought Zanussi and we are reasonably satisfied.

All the best in your search ... one word of advice, don't buy cheap as it's always false economy. Meile are the very best ... but they are very expensive.


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Hello Laura: You should find these articles interesting - which is best, a washing machine or a washer dryer? and Which is the best washing machine detergent to use - washing powder, liquid or tablets?

I would consider the John Lewis brand (Zanussi) washing machines because they have a 3 year guarantee. There shouldn't be substantial difference in build quality between any of the washers in your list. It's down to features and price.

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Thanks for your help!!

We've gone for the John Lewis one - and just the washing machine as we dont use the dryer hardly ever. It has all the features we need and its about 300-350 cheaper than the others !!

We've paid an extra £75 for the extended guarantee to 5 years and £9 for them to take away the old one and we're fitting it ourselves

so I think its a bargain really

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