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Can't Cancel Program Early

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Is it possible aside from throwing the washer dryer into a landfill to stop a wash/dry program early?

My daughters state of the art Hoover Washer Dryer a Dynamic 9+6 Product code: WDYN 9646G-80 thinks it knows everything... but if the washing inside is completely dry there seems to be no way to end the program. The dryer insists it has another "2 hours" to go before it is done!

Please if anyone knows a way to get this blessed thing to end its program please let me know otherwise the Washer Dryer gets it...

Thanks in advance.


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All programmes should have a cancel, if there's no obvious reset or cancel button it may be you need to press and hold two buttons. It should tell you on the instruction manual, if you don't have it try to download one from here - Download washing machine instruction manuals

It's often not made too easy on purpose to prevent accidental cancelling of programmes (especially if kids mess with it).

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