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Found 2 results

  1. My washer dryer has stopped working completely – no lights on the front panel, no switches work. I called my local appliance repairer who assessed the situation as one of the three circuit boards was not working. However he felt unable to proceed with the repair without knowing which of the circuit boards had failed, and what had caused the failure. On that basis he felt the cost of repair would be more than the machine is worth. The machine is only just two years old – plugs, sockets, fuses etc all fine.
  2. Hello all, After following these excellent instructions from @bob12241 and @jonboyuk, I have tested the D7 diode (faulty) and will be replacing it to try to get my Beko WDIR7543101 going again. At the same time, I thought i'd have a go at fixing the long-standing problem with the dryer and was hoping for some help. The issue is that it cuts out after a few minutes of running. I've not used it in over a year now but since I had the machine open and multimeter in hand, here's the readings I got from testing the following parts: A. Element: 39.8 ohms B. Thermostat/Cutout 1: 0.01 ohms C: Thermostat/Cutout 2: 0.01 ohms D: Motor: 46.1 ohms These readings all seem fine, so I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions please and whether or not (see pics attached): -It's worth trying to take out the condenser and clean it, as it looks like it is quite dirty on the inside? If so, does anyone know how to do this please? -It's worth trying to get to the fan to clean it? The small motor cooling fan does spin freely when I use my finger. I did try to remove all the screws on the top cover of the fan/heating box but there was no movement of the cover. It's almost as if it is glued down? Thanks in advance for any replies, Circuital
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