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Found 14 results

  1. Hi. I recently changed the gasket on my Miele W5741 and now I have noted my clothes are still wet (only sometimes) after the wash finishes. I have noted it does a spin (goes very fast), then stops, with about 2 minutes left on the timer, injects more water and then does nothing, the timer runs out and then the beep lets me know it is finished. I open the door and clothes are wet. I can sometimes run a spin cycle after this, and it works as expected, but sometimes it does the same as above, and the clothes are still wet. Sometimes, the washer behaves perfectly and clothes are spun as expected, the machine spins the clothes very fast, and then finishes and clothes come out partially dry as expected. I was wondering if I have inadvertently done something when changing the gasket. I have checked and there is nothing stuck in the front drain, or the hose connected to it. I haven't taken the back or sides off yet, but doesn't seem like a drainage issue and was wondering if it could be something else? Thanks in advance
  2. I was cleaning out my washing machine - the detergent drawer and the filter, I ran some hot water through the the empty detergent drawer slot to help soften the dried powder. The water ran through the machine out of the slightly loosened filter as I had just placed it back but left it loose to flush the water out. Shortly after there was a water proofing error. After tilting the washing machine to ensure the water didn’t wash back into the machine the error went away, but changed to a “Technical ! fault F169”. I can’t find this error code anywhere in a manual, but the guidance for technical faults is to switch off and on again at the mains. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the mains are as I rent and I’m not sure what the issue is or what I’m supposed to do. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it. All parts (filter and drawer) are back in place and I’ve switched the machine off using the normal power button.
  3. Hi all I have a Miele W5780 which is only about 6 years old. Yesterday the machine started to make a quite loud clanking sound when spinning. Can someone please tell me, is this a bearing or shock absorber issue? I've attached a video to show the issue. Will add a picture in a subsequent post. washingmachine.mov
  4. Apologies for too many words but some background is relevant: Two years ago we made a huge mistake of replacing our Bosch washer/dryer with a Miele. For months we have been plagued by foreign matter/bits of debris in the machine after a cycle. We recently had to get a Miele engineer our as the dryer fan had seized. The removed part looked like it was 20 years old and seized solid. It beggars belief that Miele could design a machine that would run with a fan seized and not display an error message, that's what they have done. Miele customer service and website is an embarrassment to them. Today, the machine works OK but we still get some sort of gritty residue after a wash which seems to have come down the dryer air return duct at the top front of drum. We eliminated limescale, zeolites, things left in pockets, dirty clothes etc, long ago. The machine is used regularly on a hot wash with bio powder and is clean. The Miele engineer inferred that the fan problems was down to how we used the machine. I took this to be Miele diverting any blame against them or their product. I also note that the engineer did not use any sealants or lubricants when replacing the fan assy and bottom section of ducting from drum to fan. My wife gets very upset with all the particles of grit and whatever is coming out of the machine as she takes so much care of it and does not let me near it. We do not have photos or have stripped it down to examine what this detritus could be. Of all the washing machines we have had over the years, this is by far the worst and most expensive, by a country mile. I am convinced we have to scrap it and propose to take this up with Miele. I am convinced this grit is not something that we are introducing to the machine. The repair did not replace the dryer heater element. Are there any experts that may have an idea of what this contamination could be and put us out of our misery please? Thanks PS: Our advice to anyone reading this is AVOID MIELE. All machines will go wrong at some point, but they will not have cost you the Miele premium you pay for thinking you have the best. The designed for 20 year advertising shows they have a sense of humour!
  5. Hi, I have Miele W2444 Washing machine that has started showing the Check Drain warning. I have tried to remove the drain filter with no success! I opened up the little door on the bottom left of the machine, turned the screw cap which let out about a pint or so of water. I continued to turn the screw cap until it came off and was left with just the screw cap. Most of the demonstrations show the drain filter attached to the screw cap. What is left behind the screw cap cannot be pulled out easily and I dont want to pull too hard and break something. I have attached pictures of the screwcap on and off. I guess my question is how do I remove the filter? and should the filter be connected to the cap? Thanks Peter
  6. I have a brand new WDD 030 washing machine. The only issue is that when the water drains, there is an unpleasant "knocking" or "gurgling" sound that seems to come from behind the dispenser drawer. The Miele agent stripped down the machine and has taken a video of the issue to discuss with Miele. Could this be a problem with the pump? If so, would a new pump be any better?
  7. Hello, I’m looking for some advice regarding a 10 year old Miele w524 which has a flashing drain light, I have been through all the posts on here and tried all the things mentioned, the machine has been taken apart by hubby and all pipes and hoses and the white box at the back cleared of a lot of gunk everything is now clear , taken off pump, all clear, still have flashing drain light at the rinse cycle , it worked on the wool cycle but this morning on a easy iron cycle same problem , it’s possible it works only with a light load , we also live in a very hard water area, I have it draining into sink now and the pump does work , so my question is really what next could it be and is it worth getting someone to repair as I can buy a new Miele basic model for £600 , and would Miele still be the recommendation of a new machine thankyou update Just doing a bit more research , could it be the brushes ? Although everything I’ve read suggests that the rinse light would flash if it’s the brushes , it would seem to me that the problem is with certain programmes I just tried a wool cycle again and it seems to be completing , I also forget to mention that it’s not been spinning fast if there is a normal load on a 40 cycle but if I take half out and spin it will spin normally washing machine will run on a wool cycle, doesn't always spin fully requiring me to put on spin cycle after, If I'm going to replace I've narrowed down to a Siemens with 5 year guarantee in johnlewis For £449 or cheapest model Miele for £599 with 2 year guarantee , sam
  8. I've got a Miele W970, I think from 2001, which until a few months ago, never gave me a moment's trouble. Then the door latch failed (got Miele out to fix it, which was't cheap). Now it has developed a leak. I've knackered my rotator cuff, so I can't pull it out to get at the back of it, and it seems to be enclosed underneath, so it's hard tell where the leak is coming from. It doesn't help that the user manual is sparse and I can't find a service manual. It's not a huge leak (maybe half a litre?) and it only leaks on pumping out, though it seems to leak faster when spinning. Just from that, is it possible to tell roughly what is wrong? Eg whether it needs a new pump, or just a new hose? It's a brilliant machine and I'd like to repair it if it's economical to do so. But I'd like to know whether it's arm-and-a-leg territory before calling Miele again. Grateful for any advice!
  9. have a miele novotronic w310 front loader from the 2004 era. Been a great machine and hasn't done a lot of work (~250 cycles). Slight leak from front door seal. Noticed that there was a crinkle in the bottom of the front door/ drum seal. Not sure what this was from so took off the seal, expecting to have to replace it. After its removal I could see why the seal was distorted. The drum/ outer hub opening was not centred in the door opening but had sagged and thus causing the crinkle in the seal. With the seal out it resumed a more normal shape and was in fair order except for a minor defect in the edge that rubs against the door clear window. There is some scoring on the upper part of the clear window where the drum has hit the door. The drum bearing seems ok. Can anyone please advise how extensive the job of repairing the ageing suspension system is likely to be . Are there four suspensions springs that will need replacing or are there adjustable brackets that can be moved to elevate the front of the drum? Can't find specific info about this models suspension system. I can't see this particular problem mentioned for these units, is it likely to be a common problem as the machine ages?
  10. I have a Miele novotronic W807 (20 years without problem) yesterday started to make me this: Starts washing, draws water, it starts the main wash which takes too long (almost double time than ago) and when it's to go to the next step (rinse) crashes and then begins flashing the light of main wash(hauptwasche). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWdLHmf ... e=youtu.be1. If i leave it so, the light blinks and then after half an hour, the machine proceeds to the next step (rinse) lamp lights for rinsing, but the light of the main wash keeps flashing and the machine completes normally all subsequent stages (rinsing, wringing, emptying).2. If I close the laundry once stuck the light of the main wash, reopen it and go to the next steps manually, the light unstuck, and the machine works normally.Checked the filter, drain pump, pressure switch show all ok. Cleaned and all tubes but the problem remains.Thanks for any help.
  11. HiFolks I have a Miele W820 Washing Machine that's approximately 17 years old and is now not starting it's cycle (ie does not commence filling) on some Program Settings, but is ok on others. The machine starts correctly in the following positions: - In the 'Cottons' programs the 70,80&90 deg C positions work (not 30,40,50&60) - In the 'Minimum Iron' programs the 40,50&60 work (not 30) - In the 'Delicates' programs only the Cold works (not 30,40,50&60) - In the 'Woolens' programs only 40 works (not Cold & 30) - None of Starch, Spin, Drain & Quick Wash programs work They didn't all fail simultaneously & there seemed to be some indeterminacy when the failures began to occur (a few months ago). I have taken out the electronic control module (ie the one with the Program Setting knob from behind the front panel) & cleaned the selector switch contacts with Deoxit (though you can't get to the inside of the switch, the spray would have penetrated) & have buzzed the contacts & it seemed to be ok. I'm assuming the problem is with this selector/control module, but the failure mode does seem odd. Has anyone got any ideas on fault finding to help narrow the problem down? – I know there's another larger PCB behind the front section as I opened it up a few years ago to change the shocks. Has anyone out there got a service manual? Thanks in advance Gavin
  12. After 9 years my Indesit washing machine is close to death (though the dryer bit died about 6 years ago) and I need to replace it. This had a 5kg drum which I found a bit small. I have decided to go with a freestanding model as the integrated ones are so expensive and to just get a washing machine as I haven't missed the dryer (nor the excessive electric bills) at all. I've read so many reviews my head is spinning at 1600rpm! I think I've got it down to a few models now, but am unsure which to go for. Miele WDA101 7kg drum - cheapest price I can find is £539, is it worth this type of money for their entry level model? Is there a Bosch model that's the equivalent standard as a Miele? Should I be considering Bosch washers? Someone also recommended an LG washer, what are peoples thoughts on those? I don't particularly need a washer that wants to communicate with me by smart phone (the PPI claims people do enough of that!) nor play a tune at the end of washing, I'm happy to whistle! I intend to be in the house when the washer is on as don't like leaving these things running whilst out. I'm not bothered about lots of programmes neither, as long as I can wash jeans, jodphurs, jackes etc, throws, towels and bedding and it washes them very clean, then that's my needs met. I normally use my washer once to a maximum of 3 times a week. Thanks.
  13. My washing machine W 418 Softronic is leaking underneath near the front as the floor is continually wet I have no idea why I've emptied the filter but it still leaks. HELP!!
  14. I have a Miele W906 that has behaved faultlessly for nearly 16 years. It has been plumbed in its current location for 10 years, connected to low pressure (loft tank fed) cold supply - there is no mains supply where it is located. It has just developed two problems, and one would think they are related but I can't work out how. Problem 1: With machine switched off but stop cock on, the drum fills with some fresh, clean water overnight. Stop cock off, this stops and if you take the detergent drawer out there is a drip, drip of water, hours after the machine has been used. Diagnosis = inlet valve failure (I have cleaned the filter). Problem 2 has appeared at the same time - if put on a rinse only cycle, the drum overfills - it fills half way up the door, then immediately pumps out, moves on to second rinse and does the same. However, it rinses perfectly during a normal wash cycle, filling just the bottom of the drum with water as it always has. This is repeatable behaviour - washes ok, rinse cycle alone not ok. I have done two checks - a) check voltage reading on the inlet valve during a rinse cycle, in case the valve is sticking open after power is off - it isn't. The valve is only open while it has power, it is the power that appears to be on too long. I pulled out the water level switch and checked the contacts work. It has three switches in it, which do appear to switch correctly in sequence when I blow into the tube. I haven't yet checked if the switches are actually activated by the water level during a rinse cycle - that might be the next step. My problem is this - a replacement inlet valve is £100. I don't want to sink this into a 16 year old machine if it has another expensive problem, like some controller failure and while I don't understand what is wrong. However, the machine is otherwise in good nick - nothing much seems to be worn. Anyone any ideas on how I can work out what is going on? Many thanks for any help Pete ps: No error shown on front panel at any point.
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