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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, I have an Electrolux EWF10843 in front of me with an intermittent, non-opening door lock. Have checked the following; Pressure switch and tube Door lock Inlet solenoids All pass with flying colours so suspecting the relay on the main board. However, I cannot find a service manual for this model ( have seen 1 UK video for changing the lock so I have assumed this model is available in the UK) so cannot identify which relay I need to attack. Anyone know which or a test to find it. I've elected not to remove the board until I have the info.
  2. Hi there, I have Hoover DXOA610AHFN-80 and it's stuck with E10 error. I've replaced the interlock with a genuine part but it still does the same. My question is: Is there anywhere electrical schematic of this washer and is there anyone who looked further into the problem. Why it's happening and how can be prevented? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, New to the forum so if this is the wrong place please excuse me. So I received this Hotpoint hv7l130g after my old Indesit died as my dad had it spare. The machine ran though two usual washes successfully but after we switched to to "baby" mode for kids clothes it died on me. Symptoms: Door was locked and had to be forced open. Any program chosen to be run tries to start, I get a lot of clicks from the interlock and then the door lock light flashes. I assumed that the interlock had failed so I replaced it today with a new one but the problem persists. So I have had the machine in pieces, I have checked the following with the multimeter: Motor (All seemed well, brushed in good condition and the commutator was clean), Water heating element (got a 50ish ohm reading from it). In addition I also checked the drainage pump and sump hose for debris but they were clear. I have examined the control board and all the capacitors seem to be okay, no bulging and pass a beep test with the multimeter. I am at a complete loss as to whats wrong with this machine. Does anyone have any suggestions before I sink even more money into a new control board? This freebie is becoming a money pit!! Cheers in Advance, Badger.
  4. My problem is that I cannot open my washing machine door and I believe it is the lock which is at fault not the door's physical mechanism. I need help to override the lock or to know how to break off the interlock without damaging anything else. Key points Machine tripped electrics or electrics tripped causing an error message of all lights flashing. Machine was empty of water. The door lock light remained on, I tried every combination of cycle and the light always remained on. Leaving the machine off for hours does not reset it. I have cleared the drain. I have removed the control board and no visible capacitors blown. I have tried using a string to open the door. I have removed the lid and disconnected the power from the interlock. If I pull the handle the metal hook moves easily, I can feel this when touching the interlock. I have tried bashing the interlock in case this releases it. I have checked the manual for any override codes. Any help gratefully received in forcing the door open or how best to remove the interlock from the inside.
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