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Found 2 results

  1. Hi - any suggestions about likely causes of the following issue? This washer is at least 4 years old and had just finished a wash cycle - displaying "end" in the display. All of a sudden, the breaker in the fuse box went pop, and my wife, who was in a neighbouring room, believes she heard it to be louder than usual, followed by a hissing sound. (The breakers and machine are in the same room so with no-one there, it's hard to say whether the machine went pop, or just the breaker. Anyway, the machine no longer shows signs of life: no display. I have read the checklist and checked the fuses (one in the plug, and one further upstream in a wall mounted fuse holder) - both OK. I have reset the breaker and still no sign of life. I am now checking the control board having removed the top and front panel: no immediate signs of a burn-out anywhere. Given the machine had ended its cycle, I'm inclined to think that it's not likely to be the motor or pump because they would have to be drawing current to go wrong. I can't see any other obvious signs of a problem, and to be honest, no smell of burning so maybe the "hissing sound" clue is a red herring. What would be the order of things to check after this? I was wondering if the silvery cylindrical block near the point where the mains cable enters the unit could be a capacitor and whether they blow? Suggestions welcome - thank you!
  2. Hi, I have a LG washer dryer, model number F1480YD, approx. 6 years old, which has become completely lifeless. It had been working fine until a few days ago when I tried to open the door when the machine was still in a cooling down phase at the end of a drying cycle. The door would not open because the interlock prevented its opening while the machine was still on. I must have done this dozens of times in the past with no harm done but on this occasion there was a "popping" sound from inside the machine, the entire front panel display (every led) briefly lit up and then went off. Since then the machine appears to be completely dead. I have done all the basic checks - socket, plug, fuse - all ok. I have taken the lid off and followed the mains wiring to a large fuse on the right hand side of the machine - checked with a continuity tester - also OK. I have removed the main PCB (from under the drum) and it appears to be OK, no obvious visible signs of burnt components. There is another fuse on this PCB - also checks out OK. Does anyone recognise these symptoms? Is the interlock faulty? Is it the main PCB? Has a faulty interlock maybe damaged the main PCB? Is it something else entirely? Any help gratefully received. Mark.
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