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  1. My ISE machine is less than one year old when we paid £899.00 for it with a 10 year guarantee. We bought it based on the steel drum and the hype on their website saying it was bomb proof, used volvo truck bearings and it's paddles could catch coins etc and blah blah blah. Last week an object of some kind punctured a hole through the METAL outer drum and caused a leak. The object has not been found yet as it does not appear to have come right through into the casing. There is nothing rattling around inside either or found in the drain pump catcher/filter. BIG mystery. In any case ISE are not going to pay for the repair so I thought that it should not be not too bad as it's an ISE which equals cheap repairs and parts. They even said this on the phone when I called before buying it in the first place and that's what they boast on the website. WRONG WRONG WRONG. £550.00 they want to repair it. 62% of the cost of a new one. What is the point of buying an expensive metal drum machine if objects can still get between the drums and cause such damage. I might as well buy the cheapest one and replace it every couple of years. In short do not fool yourself into thinking that a metal drum is the answer to punctures as suffered by plastic drums. Do not also be fooled by hype on the ISE website. It is not truthful. I have never had this problem in 26 years of other machines and indeed my last AEG lasted 7 years until we changed it due to holes in clothes. It ran at least twice a day in that period. Goodbye ISE and the drying cabinet I was going to buy is now not going to happen either.
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