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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2 pronged problem, a washing machine that's stopped working and girlfriend without a washing machine. Any help with the first, will solve the second! Seriously though, I have a problem with our Candy washing machine. The model is CM2 106-1 S/N-31000921, this is an Italian model because I'm currently in Greece. The problem is the door secure light. It's constantly flashing and we can't run any progam. I've tried to contact Candy who are really not in the least bit interested. I've searched and searched and have narrowed it down to either the lock mechanism, the PBC or the motor brushes. I've had it apart, checked the wiring, they seem ok, I've taken the lock mechanism off (but still kept it wired up), there is a click from that when I try run a program, but then nothing. I've not checked the brushes yet as I was hoping for some advice from Candy on what they thought the problem could be, but like I said, they could only suggest an engineers visit. The machine is out of warranty, so not going down that route. All I want is some advice on what part is likely to have failed so I can order a new part, fit it and get back to normality. I don't have a problem stipping it down or anything, don't have a problem buying any parts, just need to know which way to go. Any offers of help and advice woud be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Nic.
  2. Hi, I have an intermittent drainage problem with my Candy GO482 2/80 machine which has recently been getting worse to the point where its no longer usable. The machine stops when it gets to the drain part of the cycle and displays the error code for not draining in the allowable time (3 flashes). The problem seems to be worse on colder and shorter washes although it may be my imagination... I've read all the help pages as well as a lot of googling and I've tried the following but still with no luck - any help would be appreciated! 1 - checked all hoses for blockages, all clear - drain it flows into is clear too. 2 - blown down pressure switch tube, seems ok 3 - replaced pressure switch for new component 4 - fully removed pump and all drainage pipes for close inspection - all clear (confident!) 5 - measured resistance across pump connectors - 170ohms - after googling seems to be what it should be, impeller seems to be ok Could the pump still be faulty? should I replace it and see or am I wasting more time and money! I need to get this fixed quickly else I'll be forced into getting a new one by the missus!!! Any help would be massively appreciated since I've run out of ideas! Thanks, Sam
  3. Hi all, I have a problem with my Candy Smart CTDF 1007 Washing Machine. This machine was purchased about 2 months ago by my landlord. Unfortunately it did NOT come with an instruction manual. When I first had the machine, I found it difficult to start it properly, but after some messing around, I finally had the machine going. Since then, I've gone away on vacation, and have completely forgotten how to start the machine again. I've tried every combination to get a load to start, but nothing seems to be happening. Throw that in with the fact that all the forums and help pages I've found seem to be in Italian, Slovenian or Hungarian, and I'm in a pickle. So my question to anyone out there is this...What steps do I need to follow in order to be able to start a full load of laundry? Step by step details would be great, as I can then cut, paste and print them out and leave them where I can see them for next time! Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks all! Paul
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