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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have a Samsung EcoBubble model no: WF70F5E2W4WEU Its fine when it's not on a fastish spin, zero sound coming from it, but on a fast or fastest spin, there's a loud knocking sound. On removing the lid, back panel and trying it, it appears to be coming from the front of the machine. The bearings are 100% fine, zero play, zero noise If I push hard down on the top-back of the drum, so the bottom front hits the front of the machine, i THINK that this is the sound I'm hearing. My first thought was to replace the two shocks, I ordered a couple from Whitegoods, they were a little stiffer than the ones I removed, but not a lot, the noise is slightly quieter but not a lot. The machine is perfectly level and doesn't move a mm when in use. I also calibrated it I've made a couple of yourtube vids of it, although it doesn't capture the sound as bad as it actually is, it sounds like someone with a hammer repeatedly banging a bit of metal (I suspect the neighbours can easily here it). The first video is it on fast spin. The second video (excuse me moving camera while I try to shine torch on it) is it just starting slow spin I tried a cycle with it empty on spin only, it still makes the noise butt very very quietly. If you imagine tapping your finger very lightly on a table, tha'ts the noise on fast spin when empty, compared to tapping your finger very hard on a table when it has clothes in (not necessarily a full load) Any suggestions please Fast Spin About to start, and starting slow spin Many thanks
  2. Hi we need a new washer asap we've got it down to two, a Samsung Ecobubble WF1804WPU or a Zanussi Jetsystem ZWJ14591W we can't find any true independent reviews, and which? are old reviews that seem to dislike Zanussi, the ones they reviewed score low but aren't jet system the Samsung looks like a bush cd player, but it's supposed to be a good wash (so the user reviews on boots say) Samsung 5 year P & L guarantee Zanussi 1 year P & L guarantee What is it with washing machines and the internet, big shops seem to have hijacked the search engines, it's easier to find reviews on graphics cards that washers
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