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  1. We have recently bought a Bosch Serie 6 (WAT28460GB/7) washing machine (to replace another Bosch machine). We have found that, unlike the old Bosch, there is no "anti-crease" or "anti-tangle" at the very end of the cotton and easy care programmes (By this, I mean that the drum does not do a couple of slow turns in each direction to untangle the wet washing). We have not yet used all the available programmes so we do not know whether it works on any other, except the "rinse and spin" where it does. I call Bosch Customer Services who told me that it should do the few extra revolutions on all p
  2. I think our Bosch Classixx 1000 Express might not be heating the water because the washing is coming out stone cold even after a 60 deg. wash. I'm sure it used to feel slightly warm on removal but I'm beginning to wonder if I am imagining this! I have checked the manual but it says nothing about rinse temperature. The cycle is working normally otherwise. Is there any way I can check whether there is a fault? It's a few years old now and out of its guarantee. Thanks.
  3. My front loader wasn't draining properly so I tried to remove the filter and clean it but the cap was jammed. So after turning it on its side and unclipping the pipe I removed what looks like a filter sock. It's about an inch wide, 6 inches long and made of something like polar fleece with a small opening only at one end. Can't find reference to anything like this anywhere so just trying to confirm if its something that has slipped in and got jammed or whether this is a microfilter from further up the pipe that has come loose and jammed the pump. The other end of the pipe is connected with a
  4. My Bosch washing machine (WVD245S3GB/05) is stuck on child lock, how do I get it off? I have tried following manuals on the internet but none of them have worked
  5. Hi All, I think I have a faulty heating element (or associated relay) on my Bosch Maxx Lifestyle (WAE26470AU). If I disconnect a specific wire on the back of the control panel the cycle seems to proceed normally, but if I leave it connected it cuts out the 240v mains circuit to which it is connected with an RCD fault half a second after the motor engages. It doesn't happen on a cold wash. Can anyone take a look at the pics (with the disconnected wire highlighted) and confirm my theory? Here's a link to the pics (link) with a description below: Front panel. Shows control panel on right hand
  6. Hi all, great forum. I didn't know one even existed I have a Bosch WAS28466GB/05 Washing Machine It is one of these 'Eco' machines which personally I think is rubbish. It never seems to wash clothes or rinse as well as my cheapo Beko machine. I believe the reason is that there never seems to be enough water in the machine. The water pressure is fine, no filters clogged etc It has always been like this since day one so I suspect its a design of the machine and not the actual pressure sensor. Is there anyway to alter this or allow the machine to fill with more water. There is an actual se
  7. Hi I've just fixed an electrical issue in my Bosch Exxel 1600 (loose wire) but I can't seem to get the error code to go away and use the machine again. When I switch on the machine all of the red lights on the front are lighten up and the LCD display is lit but isn't showing any messages or icons. Does anyone know any way to reset the error code on a Bosch Exxel 1600? Is there a specific combination of button presses? Thanks Robert
  8. Hi all, I hope someone may be able to help or give me some advice. I live in Germany and brought my Bosch from the uk with me. Its now about 5 years old. Recently there was a problem and it wasnt spinning right and so we called out a repair man. He came and said it was the stabilisers and took it away to repair. When it came back everythng seemed fine to start with. Then we noticed small differences. The plug was no longer English, the liquid tray didnt slide/fit as well as before, the top was longer and the general sides and back were different. Rang the repair man back up and mentioned th
  9. Seeking for your help, identifying what is the following icon which is lit on my LCD means ... I tried to find the user manual / and the exact model, and failed ... Therefore, I have taken a picture of the LCD hoping someone actually knows what it means
  10. I have a bosch exxcel washer dryer, around 4 years old. It has been getting stuck at the end of the cycle on 1 minute on most cycles, but always works on super quick programme with no problems. Over the weekend, even the super quick is failing to drain the water away, with water sat in the drum. The filter is clear. Out of curiosity, I disconnected the waste pipe from its normal drain point (it is normally connected to the u-bend of the waste pipe from the kitchen sink). The trap and pipework are clear, and and although there is a bit of gunk on the inside of the hose - it appears to be c
  11. Hi I have a Bosch washing machine (WAS68460GB) that won't power on and am wondering if there's a simple way to make it work. A technician from the gas company had to move the machine to get to the meter yesterday and since then it won't turn on. The dial doesn't do anything and the power button doesn't work. I've tested the plug socket and it works, and tried the machine in a different plug and finally replaced the fuse on the machine's plug. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sean
  12. Hello I'm finding it very hard to work out what to do since our old bosch WFF2000 (15yrs+) has given up the ghost. The Bosch WAQ24460GB and AEG L75270FL are both around the £400 mark and have 4 and 5 year guarantees respectively - is there much difference between them? I really would like one which is built to last and can be repaired if necessary. Miele and ISE would be the other options based on your recommendations, but with prices starting at around £700 (from what I can find) and the same length guarantee unless you spend a lot more, I just don't know if it's worth paying the extra cons
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