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  1. Motor Getting Hot

    The motor has 3 wire one neutral, one that run forwaq and one that run on rerverse. The electrony board has 2 speed that worked very vell but motor get hot and shut donw when is getting too hot I can not belive is the motor cause is running like new; the bearing are fine (I put the motor apart )I'm use to repair whasher machine en U.S. But in P.R. don not reppair they justtry to sell a new one or a new part. It is make a different a replacea 45uf 250v capacitor with 233- 280 muf 110vac '"b""04-2002
  2. I have a fridgire washer thAT WILL WASH and spin very well until the motor gets hot. What could it be ? I openned the motor and the bearing are ok. checked the coils and no sign of coil burned. Motor has only 3 wire. ONE to run forward (washing) and one for reverse( SPIN) a the common Ground. Iknow I can buy a new one or send to repair but that defeact the purpose of this forum . What I really want to know is why the motor is getting too hot after running very well for a minute or two then it shoot it off wait a while and start working. I aready change the capacitor. I will like to know why are the causes regarlees the brand or model. This way I wiil make my how conclusions. Thanks.