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  1. My 10yr old Zanussi FL1084 recently packed up (wouldnt drain). Fixed the problem which was 2 things (related). 1) Pump had died. 2) Pump outlet pipe very blocked with grey deposits (also on inlet side). Looking at this deposit it isnt greasy and I dont think its limescale (doesnt look like kettle limescale anyway). I am now thinking it is wash powder deposits (presumeably undissolved). Have been using persil non-bio tablets with Calgon tablets (v hard water area). Mainly 40 degree washes with some 60 washes. I am thinking is this because 2 tablets is too much for this 4.5lb capacity machine at low temps (not fully dissolving)? Would wash liquid / liquitabs help? Would going back to powder help? What about using 1 tab instead of 2? These deposits also blocked my drain pipe a couple of years back and are hard to clear as pretty solid (caustic soda wouldnt clear had to chip away with screwdriver)...... So I want to avoid. Any ideas? Thanks.