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  1. Thanks you so much for the quick replys, your knowledge has been very helpfull. Again a great site, wishing you well with it. Miffy
  2. Hi, Due to cash flow i cant stretch to a Miele but am looking at either of the following just looking for your opinion on which is the better of these 2 machines, (Siemens WXLM148AUK or Bosch Wae24465) Thanks for your help.
  3. Help Which Miele

    Thanks for the reply great website, unfortunately the W3740 works out at €1250 where i am. Im beginging to wonder is it worth buying a Miele for the cost when i could buy a Bosch WAE24465 with a 6 yr guarantee and then another one after that if the first one went. Just afraid to splash out on a Miele and have problems with it after a couple of years for double the price of a Bosch. Just wondering what are your views on this?
  4. Help Which Miele

    Urgently need to buy a new washing machine everyone keeps recomending Miele, but which one?? I like the idea of fuzzi logic in the machine but is it worth it. Any advice please ?