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  1. Candy Go1482 Any Good ?

    Ok finally got one and its not the one i wanted to get but the mrs isisted we spend as little as possible I showed her all the ones I thought were ok but she opted for the 8k candy thx for your input though ill let you know what it washes like
  2. Candy Go1482 Any Good ?

    well no I im not really interested in the lagre 8k bit , it just semed a good machine for the price , was wondering if it was ?
  3. I need to buy one today cos my indesit cheepo which cost me about £160 over 9 years ago never broke down until now. Well the door and seal has gone the plastic bit the pins sit has broke and it leeks now so thought it was time to get a new one. If possible need a quick response cos in going out this aft to get a machine. I have Seen an 8k load machine in comet today for £249 (£100) off (CANDY GO1482). Is this an ok one to buy? I realize you get what you pay for but for this price if it lasts a few years I'm hoping it will be value for money Anyone got one or have any thoughts on this ?