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  1. Hi there, My AEG Lavomat 610 has just finally given up on me - it has been my companion for just over 13 years !!! It isn't starting at all - it seems to be a problem with the catch and it realising that it needs to start the cycle ! (sorry for the naff explanation but I am no engineer!) We are ready to say goodbye to it as it also sounds like Concorde (in its hay day) as the bearings are starting to go - we know that it is going to cost a fair bit to replace bearings, drum etc so have decide to get a new one. We have been told that AEG are not what they used to be and so after listening to a friend's Miele (or rather struggling to - as it was so quiet) we decided to opt for one. We don't mind spending a bit as we have seen over the last 13 years the benefits of buying the best (at the time according to Which our AEG was!). My mother-in-law buys cheap and has been thru 4 in the time that we have had the AEG - that speaks volumes. My question is - are all Miele quiet or is there one particular model that is better than most? It is vital we get this right as we are now open-plan living with the kitchen/utility room. Many thanks in advance for all help and advice recieved.. Becca