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  1. Hi Andy, the machine does not move but the drum vibrates a little on spin - I must admit the springs all look the same. we tried a short wash with the lid off - because I had never seen how much a drum moves I was not sure how much it should move and couldn't find a video of how it should be. I replaced the suspension dampers in good time before the machine started to violently rock so little strain was put on the springs. As you say the springs are very robust so I think we will put the lid on. we noticed a small weep from the hose on the top of the drum(the hose from the soap dispenser). I have smeared silicone around this not knowing if there is a special sealant - do you think this will work. thanks very much for your reply stephen
  2. I have a miele W853 - I have changed the suspension struts but the drum still moves more than I would expect. I have bought 1 new spring to replace to compare the stretch/tension. I will replace all if this looks promising. I cannot find advice on changing the springs (they are under a fair bit of tension). I have got the plastic holder off the top (wonder if I have to undo bolts on the drum spring holder). any advice would be appreciated.
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