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  1. Hello all, I have looked at the common problems page and not found a specific answer to my query. A few months ago, both me and my wife started to feel itchy so I started to look at what we used for washing clothes. When I iron clothes after washing or use a towel, I can feel a film on my hands. I have tried various things: Switched from gel pods to powder. Halved the amount of powder used. Switched to non-biological. I got a set of towels washed at a dry cleaners and they came back feeling fine. New clothes feel fine until they are washed. The machine is four years old. My working cause is that I changed from powder to gel pods in the last year. We mostly do washes at 30c with towels at 60c. Gel pods and cooler washes have meant that over time, an unmoveable residue has built up? I have done multiple hot washes with no clothes recently and started to use the Hotpoint WPRO cleaner. I have looked at water in the machine near the end and it is clear with no bubbles. So, there is no visible leftover washing detergent. We have stopped itching but I can still feel a film on my hands after handling clothes. Is there anything else I can do?
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