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  1. Hello Andy, Thanks for your response and it was of great help. I ended up keeping my washing machine Regards, Vinay.
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum and I need some advice. I recently purchased a new 6 KG LG DD front loader washing machine. The machine works flawlessly - barely any sound and good wash algorithms, but I see that the drum has around 8 to 10 rust spots on it (attached pics of the same). I tried rubbing these spots with vinegar as suggested on this forums, but they wont completely go away. Would these spots grow over time or mark the cloths? Should I get this machine replaced while i still can? Another thing I noticed is that, I ran the machine with half a scoop of washing detergent and 60C wash settings for the first time as described in the manual and I saw that there was white residue all over the drum and the glass door. I think the white residue came from the outer drum (you can see that the outer drum seems to have white layer - marked in red circle). This residue goes away if wiped with vinegar. I am more worried about the rust than this, but wondering what it was and if this has caused the rust while the washing machine was in the warehouse. Thanks for the help!
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