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  1. Hi Andy and thanks for the response. I traced the cables back to the circuit board from the valves and worked my way back from there. They are controlled by a bank of Triac's and MOV's triggered from the main microcontroller. One of the triacs had gone bad, i isolated this just using a basic diode check function on a multimeter which indicated that there was no voltage drop across the component. Replaced with a new triac (Z0107NA if anyone is interested) and all is well again! Its not something i would recommend unless you have experience with soldering electronics as these components are heat sensitive and easily damaged whilst fitting. Ive tested on each cycle now and none of the programming seems to have been affected either. Thanks for the quick response anyway and have a nice day!
  2. Hi, sorry for the long backstory, thought it would be best to add the full information. I have an Indesit xwd71452 xkuk My other half recently overfilled our washer and a sock managed to somehow bypass the drum seal and wedge itself between the drum and the water inlet pipe. Chaos ensued as the water backed up rapidly and started to pour out of the powder drawer. Once i had removed the offending item and started a new wash a h20 error occured about a minute into the cycle. The pre-wash was filling correctly but no water was entering for the main wash, apart comes the machine again and on checking the inlet valve solenoid was showing an open circuit. I have now replaced this but the washer isnt sending a signal to the new valve to open. Ive taken apart the main control board housing and it appears that the triac for the fill valve signal wire is blown. All other components seem to be functioning as intended. Indesit say its not possible to repair the board and it would need to be reprogrammed, my question is do you expect that will be the case or will a replacement triac sort the job as its no where near the micro chips themselves. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
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