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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply. Yes, Unfortunately there is no brightness or eco mode and the unplugging has already been tried. I opened the machine and did a visual check of the electrics plus checked for loose connectors but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The incorrect voltage also was a thought I had but wasn't sure if these displays would react like this or are simply on/off with no in-between. So I guess the next step is to get a voltage meeter and take some measurements at the board before ordering a new one. It san expensive part, so need some way of being sure its at fault. Would these module get full voltage or would these internal electrics be working on much less that the mains?
  2. Hi All, The display on my AEG lavamat protex plus AEG L98699FLE2 washing machine is hardly visible. It's not completely blank, rather it's really faint and not in a homogenous way either, meaning some parts of the text/symbols are slightly visible but most are totally invisible. Would anyone know if this is simply a display module failure & requires a simple swap, or if this symptom could be caused by an electrical failure elsewhere in the machine. The machine functions perfectly otherwise, no error codes, no unusual behaviour, etc. 6yrs old this year. Any tips appreciated.
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