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  1. Hi Andy I have checked everything, cleaned the pump inlet, checked the non return ball valve is working, Pressurised the pipe to the pressure switch, it hold air. All electrical connections are secure. The motor is brushless. All tests yesterday with an empty drum. Wash cycle, great but no spin just 15 minuets at 60 r.p.m (drum speed) Big Spin - Rinse cycle light comes on - then when it should spin - spin light comes on. 15 mins at 60 rpm. But the crazy thing is that on "Big Spin Only" cycle, the first thing that happens is that the water valve opens, then the machine goes though a full rinse cycle. But when trying the "Small Spin" setting once again, the drum ran up to full speed (as fast as we have ever heard it run, this speed continued for 4 minutes (I timed it) then the motor stopped, it did a couple of "distribution turns" then ran up to full whack again. This cycle happened four times in total before eventually stopping. The spin speed control was set at 1000 Not 1400. This only happened once. But this proves the motor will run up, when it gets a full 220V. The more I go into this the more I think it's got to be the controller board. The place I got the replacement board from, sent another, and exactly the same is happening. OK I know that they are reconditioned boards, but they are a reputable company, I spent 45 mins on the phone to them, after describing whats happening (don't forget the "door lock" light is permanently "On", whether it's locked or not ?????) They are completely baffled, and say the boards are tested before shipping and work fine (I believe them). But two faulty recon and tested boards, unlikely. They say send the boards back and they will test. I've already spent the best part of £40 on postage to and from France, and about another £60 at the bag wash. + what I've paid for two boards. In fairness the will give me some refund if the boards test OK (and if they were OK when they left them, why shouldn't they be now) My missus pressurised me to go and buy a new machine today. So I am not a real happy bunny. But I really would like to get to the bottom of this. I don't know what an engineer would do that I have not. Any ideas?? Anyone, as although it's too late for me, it might be that someone else in the future benefits from a solution. I've even tested the mains supply for voltage, frequency, and cross phasing, earth meggas out OK, full protection at the distribution board, earth leakage and RCD protection.
  2. Thanks Andy I'll do some more investigations today, I'll let you know what I find.
  3. Hello Andy It's the same empty of clothing. Also the same if juts on a rinse, or spin only cycle. The motor sounds fine, I am a mechanical fitter (retired) with heavy engineering experience, No undue noise from motor (virtually silent) belt is fine, bearings quiet. I live on a barge in the middle of France, so no local help, I have read pretty much all of your articles (very good indeed) . The only straw that I can now grasp at is the rubber pipe to the pressure switch not being air tight, but to my mind the "Spin at speed" signal should come when the pressure in the pipe / switch system is zero (atmospheric) to show that the drum is empty of water, so safe to load the motor up to speed. One question, the motor, how many sets of brushes does it have, is the speed governed by voltage or winding numbers? Is there a wiring diagram available? It's very weird. Any thoughts welcome.
  4. We have a Hotpoint WF561P Washing machine. It completes a wash cycle normally then refuses to spin up to speed. I have: Checked the pump for blockages - the pump discharges normally on various parts in the cycle, e.g emptying wash water before and after rinse. I have blown down the pressure switch tube, and heard bubbles in the drum, no blockage. I have changed the pressure switch. The drum rotates in both directions normally and quietly in all the cycle parts except that in spin it only revolves slowly (approx 60 r.p.m.) This continues for about fifteen minutes, in that time the pump runs for about four minutes, stops for approx 30 seconds, this pump cycle is repeated until the "spin" at 60 r.p.m. times out, the drum then does its "separation" cycle of slow clockwise and counter clockwise turns a few times, then all lights (apart from the door lock light - see below) go out to say that the wash is complete. Have you got any ideas please. I'm pulling what hair I have got left out Solve my problem and you will definitely become be my No.1 choice when I need spares . I hope you can post to France? P.S the control board was changed not long ago to cure other faults (inlet valve control). The machine worked fine after this apart from the "Door Locked" light is now permanently on, even when the door is unlocked.
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