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  1. Hello Andy, I think this is how it works here in Dubai, instead of lets say telling me that the motor os faulty (which is under 10 year warranty) they try to blame it on other component. Any way I just uploaded the video to youtube - Samsung washing machine shaking not spinning Thanks for your help
  2. I have contacted Samsung help center which they sent a technician who charged me 40 usd just to check and later took to the shop and told me PCB and Wiring harness needs replacing also the door gasket which totals 354 usd (which is a cost of another machine). Can someone please tell me what seems to be the cause of this, now the machine does not spin at all, just shakes clockwise and anticlockwise... I have a video of the machine ill see if i can attach. Washing machine specs: WD80J6410AS Thanks
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