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  1. I have a Beko washing machine and it's about 9 years old. Just recently the pause/cancel button has been very hit and miss as to whether it works or not, but other than than the machine has been working fine; but yesterday when I switched on the machine the lights came on as usual but just as the cycle was about to start my electrics tripped. I put it back on and again it tripped, I switched off the washing machine at the mains and all was fine, but the minute I switched the machine back on it tripped again. I'm guessing it can't be the fuse in the plug as if that had blown then surely I wouldn't get any lights coming on at all. Before I call out an electrician or buy a new machine I just wanted some advice/opinion as to what the cause could be please. The machine is kept in my kitchen so no damp affecting it. Thanks in advance,
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