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  1. HI Andy, You could be right I will have to try that. There is no such instruction like that in the manual but I did manage to cancel the selection by frantically pressing the CANCEL button..LOL Dave
  2. HI, We have a less than 2 year old Beko WMI71641 washing machine that has developed a strange attitude. If one starts a wash and you immediately realise that you have the setting on the wrong cycle, then it's almost impossible to get the machine to switch wash cycles. The manual says just press (and hold) the Start/Pause/Cancel button for 3 seconds and the machine will stop, Whilst a short press causes the machine to PAUSE (so the button contacts are working) this longer press is ignored. Switching the machine off (with the OFF button) and waiting for the door lock to be released and then restarting the machine has no effect. It just resumes the wrong wash cycle. There are two instances of how to cancel the program and make the machine stop one on page 33 of the manual "Press and hold the Start/Pause/Cancel button for 3 seconds" and page 30 Changing the selections after the programme has started "Press and hold the Start/Pause/Cancel button for 3 seconds". Neither cause the machine to stop or the END symbol to appear. I have somehow managed to get the machine to stop but only by frustratedly pressing the Start/Pause/Cancel button and randomly switching the wash selector so have not come to any conclusion as to what made it suddenly take notice of me. So the machine washes perfectly OK and does what it says on the tin, It just ignores me if I accidentally start it on the wrong cycle and so want it to stop. What have I done to upset it and how do I appease this truculent machine? Thanks Dave
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