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  1. Model ECOWMB81445LW (ECO WMB 81445 LW) We've had our beko machine for 4.5 years. No previous problems. Drum is now not turning at all. When I first did the diagnostic I got the code "f 13" however when I do it again it now says "4 17". Hoping that it might be a carbon brush issue I have removed the back and motor however it looks like a sealed unit (no way to access brushes). I attach a photo of the motor (available to purchase for more than I am willing to pay for a replacement part). While dismantling I noticed a slight blockage in the out pipe. I tested the machine again after clearing the blockage but no change. Could this have been the cause of the fault? We keep it in the garage. Is this likely to reduce the lifetime? Is this a common fault? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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