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  1. Thanks Andy, so far we’ve tried emptying out & cleaning the filter at the bottom front of the machine, removing the waterproof system box from the tap,removing & cleaning the filter leading to the box & checked the tap. The bottom end of the hose doesn’t seem to come off...and there’s no separate back panel. The next wash started off fine, but then the inlet light started flashing again but I managed to finish it off by pouring water directly into the drawer!
  2. My Miele W980 WPS washing machine is about 20 years old & was working perfectly until last weekend . I had it on timer and when I came down there were three red bars on the display and the red check inlet light was flashing. We disconnected the WPS box from the tap and connected it all up again...plus we found & fixed a leak on the isolation valve leading to the tap & had to turn the main stopcock on & off a few times The next wash worked perfectly, but yesterday there was only a dribble of water coming into the dispenser, the WPS box was humming slightly and the red inlet light was flashing again. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. Thanks
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