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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply. The pipe was connected to a housing that was in itself attached to the lowest part of the outer drum casing. This has all been removed and although not very dirty it was cleaned out thoroughly and putting water into the drum it flowed out freely of the hole where the housing is attached so I don’t think there is any blockages inside the drum casing. The pipe connecting the drum to PS is OK with no splits or holes and the PS itself has 2 positive clicks when blowing in to it! We have done a number of washes and again the fault has been intermittent, it done 4 or 5 washes with no problem, then a couple with the FH error code, then a couple more without!. I am totally perplexed as the best course of action to take next other than swapping out some parts unless there is a problem with the main control board itself. Jules
  2. Hi all, My first post so thanks for any help I get in sorting out my problem. I have a AWM900, model variant 8570 084 15002, which is a American style washing machine which is larger than the standard sized UK machine. It was classed as semi-professional and rated to 25 loads per week but it has been used solely in a domestic setting and it really hasn’t had a super hard life although the machine is now around 12-15 years old. Recently the machine has been giving an intermittent fault code of FH which as far as I can ascertain means that there is insufficient water in the machine. The issue is really frustrating as the machine can do multi washes and not have an issue but then the machine will give the error code multiple times during 1 wash cycle. Following some videos on You Tube which relate to the error code FH, I have thoroughly cleaned the drain pump and it’s filter as well as the housing and tube that connect the drum to the pressure switch. I’ve done a blow test into the pressure switch and I get two distinct clicks plus the flow meter which is on the cold supply, this spins freely. I’ve also checked small filters in the water inlets and these were clean. I’ve put the machine into a diagnostic mode and it goes through that OK. With regards to the pressure switch and water inlet valves/solenoids whilst they do appear to be working I do though appreciate that they may have a problem which physically can’t been seen so whilst the solenoid open and close they might not be fully open or the diaphragm in the pressure switch might be worn or be split. Whilst Whirlpool are still carrying spares for the machine I don’t really want to change a load of parts that are still OK so I am trying to get a better idea of what I should check or do next. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Jules
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