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  1. Ill be sure to check that. I tried using it again, the donkey sound has kinda mellowed down for some reason but the drum rotation looks kinda out of proportion, i have called a third party service to check the bearings like you said. ill let you know how it goes.
  2. Alright, i guess ill try a third party service to check in with stuff you told me about before calling Bosch again. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks for the reply Andy, Yup it does sound like a donkey . I checked it again it does look like its rubbing against the door seal, That explains the smoke. So the bosch guys are really trying to rip me off? They want to change the drum. What should i do here?
  4. Hello all, My four year old bosch washing machine started acting weird just two days back. During the spin session it started spinning faster than usual while making weird noises. I could see smoke coming out as i opened the washing machine door. This all started two days after my mom washed a heavy blanket ignoring my advice. I called the support guys and they said the drum needs to be changed which is expensive. I just wanted make sure if its really the drum or some other minor problem since they didn't even come and check. Manually rotating the drum, i could hear a squeaky sound caused by some friction. Please let me know if changing drum is the only solution. Thank you. Rotating the drum
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