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  1. I had a look at the machine last Friday and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the tacho wires had broken off, due to mechanical stress (akin to bending and straightening a piece of wire until it breaks), where it enters the plug which connects to the motor. We had actually ordered a Bosch Series 4 last Monday before I had seen your post. I was busy with work all week and had resigned myself to the fact that the WFO2050 was going to the recycling site so I thought that the motor could come in handy for some DIY project and was intent on removing it from the washer prior to replacing it. But when I found the broken wire I became both ecstatic and incredulous. At least our order did not go to waste as another member of my family was on the point of ordering a Bosch washer so we transferred our order to them. Thanks to you and your website I learnt that there is a tacho (which on second thoughts is the same as those found on wood working routers) in the washing machines and that I had never given second thoughts as to how the equipment controls the rotational speed. Thanks again, your help and direction were spot on.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll try to have a look tomorrow although I've tried to have a look at spares websites and couldn't find any replacement tacho coil for this model. All I've found are either the back parts of motors or whole motors which do not make this repair worth while. But I'll still have a look as otherwise the curiosity would keep on nagging at me.
  3. We've had this washing machine for 15 years and apart from the door seal and motor brushes, it has always worked perfectly. Lately it started behaving erratically. During the rinse cycle when it usually tries to balance the load, it revs up very quickly for 1 or 2 seconds and then stops revving altogether. This "cycle" repeated every 30 seconds and needless to say, the rinsing was not completing properly. That is issue one. Issue two: We usually used the max 1000rpm speed during winter and 800 during summer. The spin cycle revved up and then down for a second or two and then up again. This continued until the spin cycle ended and sometimes we had to use the Spin program by itself to get the clothes a bit drier. Issue three: This morning after two loads we put some coloured clothes - a fleecy pyjamas trousers and top, a corduroy jeans and a few small undergarments. After the machine had taken water in the drum spun at a very high speed for 1 or 2 seconds and the loudest of bangs was heard. The machine stopped and repeated this high speed drum revving after 30 seconds with the same banging. I thought the drum's spider had broken but after emptying the drum, this turned quite smoothly by hand. I also tested for up/down play but there is only a minimal 1-2mm of play. I then tried to do a Rinse program with an empty drum (just the water it had taken in previously) and the same instant high speed revving happened and although the drum did not bang, the machine did shake. This model does not allow replacement of shock absorbers without splitting the tub. My question is: can the load balancer or its software go haywire? Can the machine's programs be given a hard reset using some secret button-pressing combination? The link is for the video I took with the back plate removed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdYjorOWIYg&feature=youtu.be I apologise for the length and wish to thank anyone who can give me some information. Thanks.
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