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  1. Hi Andy! I think it maybe the 30 minutes cycle then, however i only use it when it's a 2-3 item. Will let you know the outcome in couple of weeks
  2. Hello Andy, Thank you for your reply. My washing machine is a 9 kg one, and i never ever overload. Because of the excessive lint problem, i started sorting the clothes in a way that i am sure no one does. Here are an example of my laundry sorting. 1- Black cotton tshirts, i put around 5-6 of them on the 30 minutes wash 2- American eagle polo tshirts (separated colors in different loads) 3- Boxers alone 4- Socks alone and so on, you get how crazy it's been going. With regards to the lint color, it's purplish/grayish/blue, which is the color one would get if they mix most colours I did run several runs without any load, the pump filter is cleaned weekly and it's not blocked. many clothes are thinning out, for example, many of my husbands white tshirts are transparent now! I even tried running loads on slower spin speed (600) but nothing. Even gambled and went ahead to purchase a condensed dryer that was super expensive of which took the lint on the surface away but when you shake the garment, you still see dust like fluff flying away. Here are some pictures. I have tried uploading a video but apparently i couldn't *Edit: Many said that we were just unlucky and gotten a manufacturing defect twice. Could this be the case?
  3. Hello everyone,I'm a desperate woman suffering from excessive lint/dust with my laundry as the title suggest and here is the story in short hoping i'd get some help. I've basically been doing laundry all my life. Since early teenage years, it was my responsibility so one could say i know how to do laundry. When my boyfriend and i moved in together, we had a complete empty flat "a brand new one, we were the first tenants". The first hing we've purchased were the essentials, fridge, an LG washing machine, and a bed. this is when the nightmare started, i would see (purplish color) lint on the corners of the floor. Initially i thought this was from the central Air condition and our apartment turned into a construction site. 3 months later the landlord finally agreed to move us to another apartment. The problem stayed. Black clothes will come out of the washing machine with white lint on them, and white ones with the purplish lint on them. We changed our brand new bed thinking it was the reason since the body was made of velvet and got a wooden one. problem was still rocking on. Finally decided it could be the washing machine itself. Returned the LG and purchased a brand new Siemens washing machine... And yes, the problem stayed.. i thought okay, this could be from the water so i purchased a water filter for the washing machine which obviously led to no change. a year later when our contract was over i was happy we were moving to another apartment, one with balcony so i could line my clothes outside and things get better. Another year later and i am still suffering from this problem, my clothes are looking very dull, very rough and extremely worn out. they're also stating to get a bit transparent too! so the only thing i cant think of is that the machine is shredding the clothes. I've tried doing laundry on gentle cycle, or using 600-800 spin speed with the result being the same. I've tried all kinds of detergents, all kinds of softeners, vinegar and what not. Has anyone experienced this? or heard of someone who went through this? any kind of help is appreciated please
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