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  1. The washing machine has been running sweet since the block was screwed back on.
  2. Thanks for the advice Andy. I took another look before I read what you had written. I found that the top two bolts were still in place but the bottom two had fallen out. I did as you mentioned and removed the concrete block completely and discovered that the very bottom hole was completely closed up. Whether it had always been like that I could not say but I'm sure that when I replaced the bolts yesterday that it didn't go into the thread but down the side, that's why I thought the thread had gone when I was tightening it. I suspect that it could have come out of the factory that way. I've now opened up the hole on the drum casing and screwed it in properly. There's a little split to the one plastic hole just above the bottom one but the bolt screws in tight and the concrete block itself seems to be in very good condition. So it's all back together although I have not tested it yet. I was quite conscious about not over tightening as you say. Like you I have used a rachet until the end where I have switched to a screwdriver handle with less leverage for the final tightening. You mention that it may be an idea to replace the bolts themselves? The threads seem just fine on them, they have a washer but there's no locking part on these that I can see. Thanks, Matt
  3. Thanks Andy, I've investigated the problem and found that is wasn't the bearings at all. I've created a thread in the appropriate place for it. Having now looked inside the machine I can see where the bearings are, so yes it does have them. Thanks, Matt
  4. Lots of banging during the spin cycle of my LG F1281TD (about 6 years old) resulted in me taking the machine apart to find the reason. I discovered that a cement weight block attached to the front of the drum was being held in place by just one retaining bolt. There were three more that had fallen out at the bottom of the machine. I replaced them and tightened them up pretty well although the thread seemed to have gone on one. Once the machine was back together I put it on a spin, it started off well but then I heard what I assumed to be the loose bolt fall out. I haven't taken it apart again yet but at the end of the spin it was banging again and by rocking the drum I can hear the cement block wobbling and hitting the case again. I suspect the three bolts have come out again and I am assuming that although they seemed pretty tight that perhaps the threads have gone. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm stuck for ideas on how to fix the cement block in place if the threads on the drum casing have gone. That would mean an new drum section? I'm pretty sure glue and duct tape won't hold.
  5. I got some good help here many many years ago when the bearings went on my machine and I was looking for a replacement. I ended up with a Zanussi which eventually went too and I replaced that with a LG F1281TD. When I saw that it had a direct drive motor with a ten year guarantee I kind of assumed that it was not going to be prone to the bearing wear that I always seem to suffer from. The machine has been getting louder and louder in its spin cycle so I am now starting to think that I was mistaken as it's just made an awfully loud knocking noise during the spin. Are these direct drive machines still prone to bearing failure? Kind regards, Matt
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