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  1. Hi there, Thanks so much for taking the trouble to do this. It's much appreciated. I can see it well and perhaps my husband will be able to make something that'll work when everything else fails.
  2. Thank you Sophie's Mum. I'll check back tomorrow
  3. Hi Sophie's Mum, Thank you for your reply ... It really confirms that I probably never received one although it clearly states in the manual on page 23 that there should be one When I get an unbalanced load warning it's usually for the same reason as you but yesterday it was for a cotton sweater that I probably shouldn't have bothered trying to wash in the machine in the first place, or at least not without a pile of other things to balance the load. I'll be more careful in future. It's always taken an age to get the door open when this happens but yesterday was the longest time ever and it looks as though there may be a fault with my electronic door opening button so I just hope someone can send me a picture of this elusive door opening tool if not the actual thing.
  4. Hi, I bought my W288ECO in June 2014 and it looks as though the company went out of business later that year. The supplier that I bought from has also gone out of business and I'm wondering if anyone here can help. Although the machine seems to work OK it does have a problem when the spin cycle throws up an error "Unbalanced load". Yesterday I could really have used the door opening tool that I can't remember ever receiving!! I did eventually persuade the door to open using the button but it took a long time. This is not the first time it's happened and I'm concerned that eventually I won't be able to open the door. If someone has the tool and it's no longer required I'd be glad to pay for one, or if someone could take a photo of it and provide some measurements I might be able to get one made. Thanks in advance.
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