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  1. Hi Andy Thanks for the feedback. I have had a good look and there is no visible cracks or failing parts but on grasping each piston I can wobble the outer sleeve from left to right a little. Could this be wear and tear? A few videos https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LhMmh1LPQt13AYGzz_z_96zrvGhYowJk (326MB) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dE-u1ppgi53ORBltc40gLSwo6zbdTN9N (79MB)
  2. Hi, first time poster and problem solver. The machine in question managed to tangle up the bedsheets resulting in an unbalanced load. The OH let the load continue and as a result the machine bounced out of the space and turned 90 degrees. It also burst the door seal and caused a scrape in the glass. I didn't see it but it must have sounded like an earthquake. Since then the machine has an excessive vibration during the spin. The machine is level and does not move when spinning, the drum shakes from side to side but on rotating it by hand their is no bearing grind or thump and whant moving it forward and backwards their is no gapping between the seal and the drum. I haven't yet checked the bolts holding the concrete weight but have ordered a new seal and will do this at the time. When in full spin the vibration can be felt in the floor in the next room. Is there anything else this could be? Springs, dampers etc? and what should I be looking out for whilst I have the top open to get to the seal? Many thanks.
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