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  1. Yep. If I had any faith in the markets I would invest in consumer part's production businesses because someone is making a tidy sum.....
  2. Not that I can find but I'll dig around some more. I've gone to the schematics on the Bosch website and there are 5 different parts; handle, hinges, glass, door surround & inner door but the only part that is sold by Bosch is the door and the only other parts I can find on other websites is a generic hinge that fits multiple models.
  3. Thanks Andy. This confirms my suspicions that it may be one piece. I am keen to go down the route of just changing the hinge as It's the difference between £10 for a new hinge or £125 for a new door! I'll have nothing to loose by trying to take it apart and if I'm successful I might post how I did this for others as there is nothing on the internet for this type of door (possibly for this reason )
  4. I am looking to replace the hinge on my Bosch Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect. The hinge seems readily available but I am unable to work our how to take the door apart. In the past doors used to have a series of screws for fixings and the door could be separated by removing these. However I notice that the door surround on this machine doesn't have any screws. Instead there are round plastic discs with a hole in the centre. Are these factory moulded / fitted permantly or can these be removed somehow? Or have am I over thinking it and I simply need to prise the door apart?
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